Beantown Taqueria

Mexican Soul Food
245 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
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About Beantown Taqueria

- At Beantown Taqueria we take pride in delivering nothing but the freshest most authentic Mexican flavors.

Our dishes fulfill the cravings for any taste--from steamed to crunchy, mild to spicy, vegetarian to meat loving!

Beantown Taqueria is a leading Boston Mexican Restaurant on

Reviews and Ratings


Very delicious!
Alex (19 reviews | 170 orders)
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The BEST GrubHub option if you want Mexican delivery, I always get 2 items so I have something for my next meal, too. I only give 4 stars because I just wish they had Pico de Gallo or a more noticeably fresh salsa.
Jordan (12 reviews | 103 orders)
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I'm a huge fan of Beantown Taqueria. It's practically the only Mexican food you can get delivered in Boston/Cambridge. Portions of the food are a good size, but sides like guac and salsa are usually smaller than I would have liked. (When in doubt, order more than one). I like chicken but the Chicken burrito is not the best; the meat is white meat (a huge plus) but under seasoned and not finely shredded. The taste/texture reminded me of supermarket rotisserie chicken: imagine chunks of that in a burrito tortilla. I like the nachos and most of the other burrito fillings. Beantown Taqueria is a great choice for ordering (but not the equal of Anna's or Felipe's Taqueria; better than Qdoba and Boloco, for sure).
Michael (10 reviews | 87 orders)
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